5 Reasons Your Coffee Stinks-How To Make Good Coffee

How To Make Good Coffee… 5 Simple Steps You Can Do!

This is my job, I help a lot of people discover the secrets to finding,  and discerning different aspects of the coffee world.  That includes everything from coffee beans, brewing processes, styles of equipment, brewing techniques, basics of how to make good coffee, and fancy, delectable recipes.

Showing you how to make good coffee, is what I do!

One of the main concerns I get from my coffee loving friends is.  Why am I getting a terrible, stinky, nasty cup of coffee and how to make good coffee?  And here are the basic reasons why…And this goes for my friends that are home with there single brew coffee maker to the café or coffee shops downtown.  No one is left out or innocent I don’t discriminate at all.  If you are getting Nasty, funky  tasting coffee, here is why.

1. Learning how to make good coffee starts with, cleaning your coffee maker or espresso machine

I would say that 855 of the espresso machines in the United States are grimy.  It amazes me that these shops will keep the rest of their establishment pristine, but let their money maker get filthy dirty.  Same with the lovely coffee drinking couple at home.  When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned out you coffee maker, filters and run a vinegar solution through your system?

2. Your Coffee is old and stale

Unfortunately coffee buyers do not get fully informed on the lifespan or shelf life of coffee.  If You are buying it out of a can then you will never know how old it is.  It would not do the suppliers any favors to divulge this information to the public.  If you are buying from a reputable roaster, one of the upper echelon suppliers they will let you know when your coffee beans were roasted.  Coffee is like an apple.  When you cut it up it will turn brown. Coffee does the same thing, problem is it is already brown and as it gets older and gets enzymatic and you can not tell the difference. So, Learning how to make good coffee starts with Great coffee.

3. Water is no good

Water out of the tap is probably not,  how to make good coffee starts the best water to brew up your favorite mug of Joe.  Most public water supplies have additives such as chlorine and fluoride that will add an unwanted element to your brew.  I live in the country and we have well water.  It is hard water with all sorts of chemicals such as calcium and iron.  Some wells have a lot of sulfur and then you really have a problem.  But have no fear with all the water treatment systems available today, it takes just a short time and little skill to attach one to your sink.  Or you can use bottled water.

4. Grind is to coarse

If you are grinding your own beans then be consistent learning how to make good coffee starts with your grind. Keep your grinder cleaned and maintained for optimal use.  Also make sure you are using the right grind for the coffee, espresso or beverage you are   making.

5. Using poor quality coffee

how to make good coffeeIf you are buying the can coffee you get what you pay for.  There are some good, quality, canned coffee out there but if you are buying discount coffee then you will never know what type of beans or blend that is in it.  I recommend that you either buy the full beans and grind your own or buy a premium quality ground for you.  This is especially true if you consume a lot.

There are other reasons for your coffee to not be as good as it could be, but for now this checklist should help you learn how to make good coffee and make your coffee drinking, a pleasurable time again.

On a side note:  One of my favorite brewing systems is the Keurig one cup brewing system and I have made a review of these Great products click here on Keurig Reviews to look at what I have found.  if you are in the market for for a new coffee maker, this is how to make good coffee.

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