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 gourmet coffee cup and bean    Starbucks coffee is a “heaven on earth” type of drink.  Some might disagree with me and ask, “Starbucks, really?!” or I get the occasional, “You are addicted!!” There are numerous reasons why Starbucks coffee is my drink of choice.  Waiting in those long lines is worth the wait to get that delicious coffee.  Once the caffeine in that coffee hits your lips, there is no turning back. 

            Energy drinks do not have as much caffeine as Starbucks coffee does.  I used to drink Red Bulls galore, but I always felt the “crash” an hour later.  I was in desperate need of something to help me stay awake.  My school and work schedule did not allow me any time for sleep.  About a year ago, a barista from the Braun location introduced me to a “John Wayne.”  She recommended the quick picker upper in a short cup.  The taste was just what I needed! I have not looked back ever since.  Starbucks coffee is my daily dose to productiveness! I always feel energized and very productive, without that “crash” feeling.

            A “John Wayne” from Starbucks is a tiny concoction made up of two pumps of vanilla syrup, cream, and a double shot of espresso in a short cup, meant to be consumed in one gulp.  I tend to get this “John Wayne” craving in the morning, more like every afternoon, and sometimes, at night.  Okay, also while I grade papers, when I am on-the-go (which is always), before, during, and after work.  Guilty! I am addicted and I think you should know, that 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drinks espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, or iced coffees.  Half of the population shares my same addiction! When I get that cup of “John Wayne” in the morning, it makes my taste buds crave more.  

            According to Good Housekeeping, a group of scientists reported that simply inhaling the aroma of coffee can alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation.  And when you drink that cup of coffee, caffeine reaches your blood, 10 minutes faster.  The smell of coffee beans brewing as I walk into a Starbucks store puts a gigantic smile on my face.  The taste of coffee brings me to a state of euphoria.  The aroma and taste of coffee makes me one “happy camper.” 

You have so many options to choose from, whether you prefer the taste of bitter, black coffee or you want indulge in the sweeter selections of their menu.  Starbucks has a variety of drink choices that will leave you indecisive at the register.  A barista told me there is even a secret menu! She advised me to look up “Starbucks secret menu.”  The “secret menu” drinks can vary from the red velvet frap to a butterscotch latte.  Just about anything your heart desires! Did you know there are over 87,000 drink combinations? The possibilities are endless!

I like to switch up my drinks; it just depends on what my taste buds are craving at that moment.  For instance, summer temperatures in San Antonio tend to reach up to a scorching 100+°.  You might not want a steaming, hot coffee.  But some might oppose.  You probably would want to guzzle down a refreshing beverage! Starbucks offers frappuccinos, blended iced coffee with various and delicious flavors.  The fraps usually serve as a delicacy for me.  You can choose to sip on an iced macchiato, flavored iced coffee.  The quantities of coffee beverages that can quench your thirst are unlimited! Not a coffee lover? Do not worry.  They also offer teas (hot and cold), handcrafted sodas, and fruit refresher drinks.  You can customize what you want and how you want it!

            About 30 million American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily.  With plenty of choices for you to decide from… what will you choose? If you need some suggestions, try some of my favorites, a tall upside down iced caramel macchiato or the tasty “John Wayne.”  TV host and model, Heidi Klum told Shape Magazine, “We busy ladies need our coffee fix in the morning. My day doesn’t really start until I’ve had my Starbucks latte.”


Luzi Joanne Pascual

San Antonio, Texas


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