What are some of your Favorite Coffee Flavors?

The My Favorite Coffee Flavors…  Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Coffee and…

You know what?  I think the best coffee flavors are, chocolate glazed doughnut coffee or maybe cinnamon roll coffee, and all the other variety of coffee flavors put out this time of year.  I know it is just this time of year for me.  Living here in the hills of beautiful, New York.

That is upstate, New York (country) not down in the city.  Not that there is anything wrong with the city, because the city has great qualities all its own.  I do enjoy going down to visit, shop at Christmas time, go to a game or see a show ever now and then.

We live right smack-dap in the middle of the state close to Syracuse, home of the Orangemen, actually just theCoffee Flavors Orange (had to be politically correct and all) now.  This time of year is all about hauling in and stacking the firewood, 25 cords this year.  Football, bow hunting and looking over the valley at this beautiful country the good Lord has blessed me to live in.

Seasonal coffee has the best coffee flavors

The changing of the leaves this time of year is amazing all the bright hues of color that span across the Mohawk Valley, looking downKeurig reviews from our hillside home.  It is also the time for those seasonal cravings and want what I believe is the best coffee flavors, chocolate glazed doughnut coffee or cinnamon roll coffee.  Most people have never heard of such a thing.

Between hauling wood, hunting, chores or football this time of year I love my flavored coffees, cocoas, teas and of course all the great food.  There is nothing like this time of year for me making a great cup of coffee, head down to the barn with my German Shepherd, Max and our Australian Shepherd, Rileah Jane to do morning chores and sipping my coffee on a brisk fall morning.  It smells so sweet and delicious I have some competition from the horses who are trying to get their noses in the best coffee ever made.

Old School or New School?

Coffee FlavorsI am old school, when it comes to my coffee.  I do what I was taught by Mom and Dad.  I go down to the store by a pound of coffee, maybe two or three with different flavors, come home and brew up a pot at a time. This is how they said the best coffee was brewed  How many of you do that?  And if you are like my uncles or hunting buddies when we are out at hunting camp.  The best coffee flavors is throwing the grounds right in the boiling water and serve “Cowboy Coffee”.

I noticed a new trend going on with the single serve coffee products and started a little research of my own.  I took a look at how much my wife and I were spending going to these coffee places, for a what they claim as the best coffee flavors. You Know what i found out?   First, it isn’t bad coffee.  Pretty good actually, but oh my goodness, it was costing us some serious moola.

So, after doing some serious research on  single serve brewing systems out there as well as the quality of the coffee pods, disk, k cups and the accessories that come with or are available with the top lines.  This the one I liked the best over all and believe makes the best coffee flavors I have tasted. Check out Keurig Reviews.

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