Gourmet Coffee Gone Mad!

Are You Loving Your Gourmet Coffee?

Gourmet coffee is becoming more and more popular everyday.  Seeing coffee cafe’s springing up on every corner of every city in the world is proof of the popularity of the growing craze. 

Did you know that there are over four hundred billion cups of coffee brewed and consumed each year making it the most popular drink on the earth? For hundreds of years coffee has been the center of most every popular event in our lives from church gatherings on Sunday to a camp fire in the middle of the woods with family and Gourmet Coffeefriend.  You name it coffee was brewed and served at all of these events.

The best coffee come from the beans that are picked off trees grown on the side of mountains in fifty three different continents around the globe.  These small red cherries when fully ripened are praised for their aroma and flavor.

Gourmet Specialty Coffee

Gourmet specialty coffee is becoming more and more popular among coffee drinkers as their palates, the markets and their budgets make it available to them.  Reports show that it is the fastest segment of the retailing market netting some where close to $8.1 Billion per year. 

These Arabica cherries are grown in high altitudes on coffee trees, usually in some form of volcanic soil where they have daily sun. Gourmet CoffeeThere are cool climate and misty, moist evenings.  These conditions produce fantastic tasting gourmet coffees.

People enjoy the gourmet beans used in making these great tasting coffees.  Gourmet coffee has well balanced flavor, low acidity and a bolder, rich taste then the mass produced beans that go into everyday coffee you buy off the shelves at your local grocery stores. The specialty coffee beans go through a strict and thorough certification process to keep the quality top shelf.

The Specialty Coffee Association of American was created in 1982, for the specialty coffee trade and has been keeping the markets honest and quality high.  Kona coffee from Hawaii has been in the news lately with some of the producers adding a few Kona beans into a bag of cheap coffee beans and calling it a Kona blend and charging you and me premium dollar for this below average swell.  By law 10% of the contents have to be true Kona certified to be labeled as a blend.

Gourmet CoffeeAs you know coffee is often compared to fine wine.  You can find gourmet coffees in your local stores but with shipping being what it is these days you can get coffees from any micro roasters from all over the world. 

Here is a recommendation of my favorite micro roasters, gourmet coffees and the best coffee in the pacific and made in the USA.

Gourmet Coffee Kona

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