I won a Paul DeLima Coffee,Gift Basket At Canastota Library!

Have You Heard Of, Paul DeLima Coffee

Paul DelimaIt was great weekend and it even rolled into a great Monday.  On the last day of bow season I got a nice little 4 point whitetail deer.  Horns weren’t that big but he was a big body.  Probably weighed in somewhere between 175-185 lbs and you know what they say ‘can’t make soup out of horns'!

My wife and I had the weekend to ourselves without our daughter and it was opening day for Bow season in the southern section of upstate, New York.  We didn’t get anything but enjoyed the great weather, communing with nature and spending quality time with each other.

Sunday we did some work at the church putting together Thanksgiving baskets, for those having a tough time.  It is amazing how truly blessed we are. Even when we think times are tough 90% of the rest of the rest of the world is much worse of then we are.  I do try and have an “attitude of gratitude” even during those tough times but times like that just shows me how blessed we are.

Last, but certainly not least and since this is a coffee blog.  I have some coffee news too!


How many of you have heard of Paul DelLima Coffee?


 We stopped into the library the other day, which we do often, and they had a little jar with those little candy pumpkins jammed into them.  They also had a sign that said ”guess how many are in the jar and win the basket.  The basket was full of a variety of different coffees from one of our local roasters Paul DeLima, from Liverpool, New York.  I knew that we had this roaster in our back yard but had not had the opportunity to try their product or the quality of their beans. 

I received a call this morning from the Canastota, Library and I guessed the right number of little pumpkins in the jar, along with another lucky winner.  Good news was that there were two of everything in the basket so they split it between us. 

We had to run out and get the rest of our Thanksgiving dinner (I’ll have to tell you about that in a latter entry) this evening and we stopped by the library to pick up my winnings.  It was still a good take, even after splitting the prize.  It had 1 lb of their Prestige Blend, ½ lb of Pumpkin Spice, ½ lb Dark Chocolate Blend, ½ lb Cinnamon Hazelnut, and a ½ lb of Cinnamon Gingerbread. With a coffee mug and dark chocolate nuggets!

We had a nice dinner and then tried the Pumpkin Spice.  It was a very subtle, pumpkin blend with a good dose of nutmeg. It was actually very good and went great with chocolate chip cookies the wife made night before.  I liked it a lot and would recommend the Paul DeLima, Pumpkin Spice coffee from that little roaster from upstate, New York.

When you add the Paul DeLim, Pumkin Spice to My K Cup (reusable filter), and put this in your Keurig B60 Special Edition it makes some of the best coffee! uhmmm, uhmmm good!

We are coming up on a good, long holiday weekend and I will be sampling the rest of the coffee winnings.  Starting with a nice (new) mug of delicious Prestige Roast for breakfast and I will give you my review when I have got to sample the rest.

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