Paul Delima Coffee Review Pt-2

Paul DeLima, Follow Up Review.

Hello, this is part 2, following up on my Paul delima Coffee, gift basket review, that I started a couple days ago.  Let’s see, I don’t know where to go with this. Over all I think they are an outstanding roaster and coffee company.

As I mentioned in the previous article (for those who didn’t get to read the previous article) I won a variety, gift basket from our local library from a local coffee roaster and distributor, Paul deLima Coffee, from right here in central New York in a suburb of Syracuse.

Paul DeLima Co., Inc. is one of the largest coffee roasters in the Northeast and the largest in central, New York.

Paul deLima CoffeeTheir products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility in Cicero, New York. after packaging, the product is sent to Paul deLima’s Coffee Distribution Center located in Liverpool, NY where the product is prepared for shipment throughout the United States.

We will start with the 1 lb bag of Prestige Blend Coffee.  This is their wholesale coffee product.  The one that is sold in bulk and shipped all over the country to resturaunts, hotels and offices.  I thought it might have been but did not want to be judgmental from the start.  We all know what some of the hotel room or resturaunt coffees taste like.  That being said. This was  a good morning coffee.  Earth, full flavored maybe a little to much acid bite to it.  I probably couldn’t drink to much at one sitting with out it bothering my stomach.

It looks to me that theses coffees are not sold on a regular basis, I might be wrong but I cannot find them on the company website, anyway.

The Paul deLima  Cinnamon  Hazelnut Coffee, was very good.  The first pot I made was actually a little weak.Paul deLima Coffee  These packages are all one pot, pre-measured packages for commercial machines.  Not what I was expecting.  On the second try, the coffee had a great full bodied taste.  A little light on the Hazelnut but had a good cinnamon flavor.

The Dark Chocolate, was excellent!  The wife is a big fan of dark chocolate and she really like this with her chocolate chip cookies (but we both like pretty much everything with chocolate chip cookies).

The ½ lb of Pumpkin Spice was also very good.  Had the traditional flavors of good pumpkin spice coffee with a smidge more nutmeg then other brands and for me that is good.  Two thumbs up on the pumpkin spice.

Last but certainly not least is the Cinnamon Gingerbread coffee.  I was looking forward to this just because I like the concept of the name, gingerbread.  It had a great aroma while it was brewing./  It filled the kitchen up with the great fragrance of coffee coupled with the distinct smell of ginger.  Being a ginger fan, I really enjoyed the smells and made my anticipation grow to give it a sip.  I was not let down when I gave this brew a try.  It had a nice dark roast flavor with the snap of the ginger.  I added a little sugar and ½ and ½ to this concoction and found it excellent.

If you are a commercial organization I would recommend the Paul deLima roasting and distributing company.  I looked at their pricing as I was doing this research and they do look very competitive.  I also like to deal with the local businesses if I have to opportunity to do so. 

This is not a roaster that is set up specifically for the individual or family.  They really are into the wholesale end of the coffee industry but they do have a nice online retail store and do make some excellent roasts and flavored roasts that I would recommend you try.  Go to Paul deLima Coffee retail store

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