Plug for Berres Brothers Roasters

Berres Brothers Specialty Roaster is very good!

My Sister, Theresa, has sent me coffee from Berres Brothers for the past 3-4 years and I hadn't really thought about them that much (at all) since last Christmas.  The thing is though, every time that I get a package of their coffee I really enjoy it and always make a promise to myself that I will get online and order more of there roasts throughout the year.

The problem is, I never do.  I don't have any special connection to Berres Brothers, Best Coffeethey are from Watertown, Wisconsin.  The only thing I know about Watertown, is I drove by it once driving from my homes state of Montana and was driving by it on my way to Pennsylvania in 1988.  This was after I got evacuated out of Yellow Stone National Park when the forest fires were burning down the park.  My sister and her husband lived there at that time and quite a few years after. I guess that's how they found the roaster.

They seem to be a very rounded coffee roasting company.  With everything from single cup servings, gift baskets, specialty items like; french presses, air scape storage containers and more.  And yes, coffee, specialty coffees, world coffees, healthy coffee and flavored coffees.

We have always gotten the flavor coffees and really have found them excellent.  I believe I have had the;

  • Highlander Groog,  an explosion of caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut. 
  • CinnaNut Island, A refreshing blend of cinnamon, roasted chestnut & toasted pecan, topped with vanilla & caramel. It's a coffee paradise!  And if I remember correctly now,
  • Hazel Nut Creme; Delightfully buttery, deliciously smooth. A light sensation of sweet hazelnut and savory swirls of cream.

They are all at a good priced at around $10.60 for 12 oz. package. Plus shipping and handling and that will run you $5-6.00.  All and all a great cup of coffee some really unique specialty flavor roasts and some really net gift baskets you could send to your favorite coffee enthusiasts. 

Do like my Sis does, send some to me for Christmas!  Just kidding!  You can find Berres Brothers Roasters Here at

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Plug for Berres Brothers Roasters — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, I do love their Highlander Grogg!  My husband and I first "smelled" it when we entered a reception for a wedding we attended — that's my first memory of the delicious brew and we've purchased it regularly ever since.  If you're not one for trying all the different flavors of coffees because you'll get stuck with a bag full of coffee you might not like, Berres offers single pot packages for $1.49 each — and the number of choices will "WOW" you!  BTW, if you sign up for Berres online email, you'll get a "free shipping" coupon every once in awhile.  That's the time to stock up, since the shipping runs at about half of what the bag of coffee costs.  My newest favorite at Berres – coffee scented candles! Love you brother- Happy Brewing! Teresa

    • Hello Sis,

      Thank you for stopping in and adding such a great comment. You do sound like a true fan of this coffee and I know that we love it too.

      Thanks again for stopping by and remember I love ya very much!


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