Coffee May Prevent Disease: New and Compelling Evidence

Coffee May Prevent DiseaseThere is new evidence showing that coffee may do more than help you wake up in the morning. Researchers are starting to see a link between coffee and many surprising health benefits. Aside from the rich, decadent, and fragrant notes of a truly excellent cup of coffee, enjoying a cup may also protect you from some truly devastating diseases. Looking at it as a health beverage gives plenty of reasons for coffee lovers to add some beans to their stash!

It is important to note that the research is not one hundred percent definitive. Researchers studied the health and habits of coffee drinkers, but did not ask them to stop drinking coffee in order to compare statistics. This means that coffee drinkers may have other factors that influence their health, such as healthier lifestyles or better genes. We cannot assume cause and effect from these studies. However, there is still some solid proof that coffee can prevent certain diseases.

More than 15 published studies have been done on coffee and type II diabetes. People who drank between 6 and 7 cups a day were 35% less likely to have type 2 diabetes. People who drank 4-6 cups a day were 28% less likely to develop the disease. An additional study done in Australia found that the risk of type 2 diabetes dropped 7% for every cup consumed daily. Much of the fighting power of coffee is believed to come from the high antioxidant content. These nutrients prevent tissue damage caused by free radicals. Coffee also contains minerals that help regulate blood sugar by better utilizing insulin. Because people who drank decaf also had similar results, the benefits probably have nothing to do with caffeine consumption.

While the evidence is not as strong for coffee being a cancer preventative, there are some compelling links to the prevention of liver cancer. The research has consistently shown that people who drink a large amount of coffee have a decreased risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. It is still not clear as to why coffee seems to have this effect.

Coffee also might help you lose weight. This happens in a few different ways. First, coffee itself is a very low calorie beverage, with just 7 calories in a cup of plain black Joe. Adding trimmings like cream and sugar of course increases the calorie and fat content. However, a regular cup of coffee adds very little to your calorie budget. The caffeine also tends to give people the energy needed to get up and exercise. There is also some research linking caffeine to higher metabolisms in people. This means people who consume caffeine may end up burning more calories without necessarily doing more physical activity.

Not only is coffee a flavorful and rich beverage, it may also prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes and liver cancer. It might even help you lose weight. While the research is not completely definitive, the results are certainly promising. Enjoy another cup of coffee!

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