Does Drinking Coffee Help Increase Your Chances Of Living Longer?

Drink Coffee Live longer One day, recent studies show that coffee could be bad for your health. Another day, different studies show that coffee can be good for your health. What do you or should you believe? Coffee has been around for a long time, and although many people urge us to limit our coffee intake, we have yet to see evidence that drinking it can kill you.
On the contrary, the most recent studies indicate that drinking coffee could have some possible health benefits, which is good news for all of us confirmed coffee lovers. These benefits include a decrease in the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and strokes, as well as the management and prevention of asthma attacks and there's evidence of help for Alzheimer's too. That's why we dare to ask: can drinking coffee increase your chances of living longer?
The Coffee Bean

The coffee bean is rich in antioxidants. For many people, drinking coffee is the only way to get these powerful substances. In addition, the process of roasting coffee beans increases their antioxidant power. The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more powerful the oxidation inhibiting benefits become.

The antioxidants in coffee beans can help diabetics by increasing their body’s response to insulin. They also help prevent cavities, which can help prevent gum infections, which can help prevent infection from spreading to other parts of the body. And let's not forget the known benefits of anti-oxidants for healthy skin.
Recent Study Statistics
A recent study by a renowned group of researchers discovered that people who drank six cups of coffee per day, at a minimum, were likely to live longer over a 13-year period of time. These statistics showed that this effect was notable among causes of death such as heart and respiratory diseases, stroke, diabetes and infections. The researchers also noted that the consumption of both regular and decaffeinated coffees had the same effect over the period.
These researchers did observe a correlation between the amount of coffee a person drank, and the results of these statistics. The fewer cups of coffee a person drank had a corresponding declining effect on the longevity of life over the 13-year period.
Based on recent studies regarding the possible health benefits of drinking coffee, and the relationship between drinking coffee and longevity, the current consensus is that drinking coffee on a regular basis is more beneficial than harmful. This news should add to your enjoyment and alleviate any guilt you might feel from indulging in your morning jolt of caffeine!
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