Gourmet Coffee – Your Daily Health Foods Kick

Gourmet coffees – A la Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso have become a part of our daily consumerist exercise regime

And if you are a typical commuter and indulge in a medium cappuccino every day of your working year, would you believe it costs you a tidyGourmet Coffee A Health Kick £700 and wait for it could help you pile on a colossal 60,000 calories, assuming you go for the non skinny option!

Gulp! That’s a lot of cross trainer and uphill Norwegian walking treadmill sweat to pay for a small sin isn’t it!?

So it may come as some light relief, that perhaps the damage to your wallet and all those calories are not completely wasted, or without benefit!

Most important of all, coffee is about enjoyment and this has been the key to its success since it first hit these shores in the 1650s and kicked off the original coffee house craze of the late 17th century!

For many, who are addicted to coffee and particularly espresso, there is something dark, indulgent and seductive about coffee and caffeine…And surely this is the key to it all…We humans are simple beasts and in our busy and hectic lives we do deserve some time out, me time and a few indulgent treats!

So where is the good news? Well in terms of specifically the coffee part of your gourmet cafe indulgence,  there has been and continues to be a steady stream of research studies that  support the consumption of 3 > 5 coffees a day, as part of a mixed and healthy diet and activity plan

Gourmet coffee, by which I specifically mean fresh coffee, either from whole beans, or roast and ground and regardless of whether decaffeinated or not  (not that horrible Maxwell House and Kenco stuff!) can:

1.       Reduce the incidence of certain cancers such as prostrate and oral cancer

2.       Reduce cholesterol levels

3.       Reduce the likelihood of dying from cardiovascular disease

4.       Prevent plaque and therefore tooth decay

5.       Protect against gout

6.       Reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure

7.       Positively aid digestion, especially as moderate coffee consumption is not diuretic and will assist with constipation

8.       Reduce the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver

9.       May reduce the onset of type 2 diabetes

10.   May aid pain management and actively boosts the properties of many pain killers – hence why many over the counter preparations now contain caffeine

11.   Increase cognitive performance and particularly short term recall ability

12.   Reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease

13.   Reduce the risk of Dementia 

14.   Result in a lower incidence of gallstones and gallbladders diseases

15.   Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s




Fresh coffee is also the no 1 source of antioxidant in the diets of most of those in the developed world…

In the typical US diet for example, coffee whether decaffeinated or not, contributes more than 4 times the antioxidant delivered by the consumption of tea, bananas, beans, apples and tomatoes

And in a similar Norwegian study 64% of daily antioxidant intake was derived from coffee

Many other foodstuffs have higher antioxidant levels per serving, but it is the increased consumption rate of coffee which puts coffee at the top of the health promoting list

The good bit in your daily caffeine fix the chlorogenic acid, which is made up of caffeic acid and quinic acid

Seems we should be bathing in espresso…which, when you hear that alternative medicine now recommends coffee enemas, and Balinese massage with coffee beans is becoming increasingly popular, is perhaps not such a stupid suggestion as it sounds!!

So coffee should be a part of a healthy diet! Think of your cappuccino as a ‘naughty but nice’ indulgence, especially after a good workout…..Go on treat yourself!


Guru writes for Aromo Coffee – They are coffee experts focussed on providing convenient and tasty ways for the caffeine addict to take their medicine. Aromo supplies excellent ESE Coffee pods and superlative Senseo pods,  both of which offer the espresso and filter connoisseur  a no mess, no fuss,  super fresh and environmentally conscious method to make stunning coffee… the guys at Aromo also have a range of Dualit branded capsules which make a brilliant and economic alternative to nespresso capsules


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