What Types Of Coffee Grinders Are There?

It’s Just A Coffee Grinder, No Biggie!

When walking down the coffee aisle of most grocery stores, you will find a coffee grinder that customers use to grind coffee beans. A coffee bean grinder has also become a popular home appliance as the popularity of espresso and other coffee drinks has risen in the last two decades. Even the large number of coffee shops has not diminished the need of many coffee drinkers to grind their own beans in their grinder.

A coffee bean grinder will grind roasted coffee beans into grounds that are either fine or coarse. By grinding yourAntique Coffee Grinder own coffee, you choose how you want the grounds. A coffee grinder can produce fine or medium grounds which are best for traditional coffee makers. Those who love espresso will want to grind the beans into a fine grounds, which is similar to sugar or salt. Coarse coffee grounds are good for percolators or vacuum brewers.

A coffee grinder comes in two main types. The first type of coffee grinder uses rotating metal blades. These blades on the coffee grinder chop up the coffee beans. The bladed coffee grinder allows the consumer to control the type of grounds. The type of grounds the bladed whole bean grinder makes depends on how long you grind the beans. Another type of coffee grinder uses a grinder wheel. This is called a burr grinder. To get coarse or fine grounds, you move the burr on the coffee bean grinder. Many people say this type of coffee grinder allows you more control as to the type of grounds you make.

The cost of the burr grinder depends on the type of wheel, whether it is flat or cone-shaped. The burr grinder with the cone-shaped wheel rotates slowly and the coffee grinder will clog less. You can chose a grinder that works in two different ways. The manual grinder comes with a crank on its side. You must move the crank on the bean grinder to grind your coffee.

Electric Coffee GrinderIf you don’t want to do that much work to have freshly ground coffee, you will want to purchase an electric grinder. The electric grinder is the most popular coffee grinder on the market today. Many electric grinders are small and inexpensive so you can carry them anywhere to grind your perfect cup of coffee.

The advantages to grinding your own coffee are many. You can grind coffee that suits your taste and not rely on pre-packaged coffee grounds. A coffee bean grindercan be found in most retail stores and online auction sites. A grinder will range in price from about $20 to several hundred dollars. The coffee beans can be purchased at a grocery store or at a specialty coffee shop. How you want your coffee to taste and the type of coffee you brew will determine the type of coffee grinder you will need to purchase. The type of brewer you use to make your coffee will also determine the type of coffee grinder.

You will get years of enjoyment and the finest coffee from your new grinder.  Get Yours today!

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