How to Make A Great Tasting Cup Of Coffee?

Yesterday I was asked.  How do you make a great tasting cup of coffee?

More precise he asked me what are the steps to making a good cup of coffee?

I talk about and write about coffee a lot and I had to think about that for a minute. And here is what I wrote done for him.  I did add a little more detail her then I did with the five minutes I had with my friend. But he can always read this post I did give him the address to the website.

Anyway here are the steps I recommended for a making a traditional cup of coffee.

  1. It starts with the bean. And it depends on your choice of coffee.  Do you like it strong, medium or a littleHow to Make Coffee

    lighter flavor? If you want it stronger go with the darker roasts and work your way down.  If you are a novice then you are probably buying from your local grocery store and I recommend that you get the whole beans not the pre-ground coffee because you lose a lot of the flavor.  If you have a bean grinder at home.  Grind it as you use it.  If you don’t then grind it at the store.  If you like flavored coffees, do the same.  As you tastes mature and you experience grows you can go online and try a variety of organic, name brands, coffee shop or exotic varieties of coffees.  I will add some more of theses products and varieties as we discover them together.  Please feel free to send me any requests that you like and you think our Best Coffee, followers would also like.

  2. The other main variable (98%) is the water.  Filtered water is the best.  We live on our farm up in the hills of upstate, New York Making Great Coffeeand we have well water.  It is actually very hard and has a lot of natural chemicals in it and filtered water takes out all those impurities.
  3. Last but not least.  Do not use the paper filters these take out the natural oils that give you that great taste.  Most regular coffee makers come with reusable filters that are a fine wire mesh and you can make great coffee for a long time. These are reusable and help use save our planet a little bit at a time.  We are big on re-using stuff and every little bit helps.


Coffee Making

Everyone (that drinks coffee, anyway) has their favorite time of day to have their coffee.  I have favorite seasons, as well as favorite time of day.  I personally love my cup of coffee in the morning when I like to do my morning meditation and get my day started on a good note.  A good reading to get my heart and mind in the right place as well as a great cup of coffee to get the body off and running on a good note as well.

Making Coffee and all of the BestCoffeeSecrets are here and we look forward to your comments and recommendations so please, if you have any making coffee tips or techniques you would like to share with us all.

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