Hawaiin Coffee Still Number One

Hawaiian Coffee Has A Rich History And A Rich Taste

Even though coffee is not a native plant on the Hawaiian Islands it has thrived since its introduction to this tropical paradise.  The coffee tree was made for this climate and topography.  The rich volcanic soil, the warm sunny days, rainy afternoons and cool evenings make the ideal growing conditions for coffee.  Coffee grows best between 1000-5000 feet making these volcanic slopes at around 3000 feet or so a superb growing environment for Hawaiian Coffee.

Coffee trees arrived in the Hawaiian islands  in the early 1800s from Kamehameha the great Spanish interpreter and physician Don Francisco de Paula y Marin.  In 1825, the Royal Governor of Oahu, Chief Boki, arrived back to the Hawaiian Islands from a delegation to England with some Arabica coffee trees from Brazil. These trees, purchased in Rio de Janeiro, were planted in Manoa Valley on Oahu. Coffee planting soon spread to the other islands, more so on Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai and Maui, thus marking the beginnings of the Hawaiian coffee industry. Coffee was grown on large plantations during those times.  Then in 1989 when theHawaiian Coffee islands were annexed into the United State everything changed.  The coffee market crashed and the huge demand for sugar from the US population broke up this coffee plantations.  The land owners leased their land to small farmers usually 5-12 acre parcels.  Most of these families were from japan, later from the Philippines and some from the main lands,  and they were producing sugar cane.  Sugar cane was the cash crop for Hawaii for a long time.

Hawaiian Coffee Making A Comeback

The 6,600 acres that used to be coffee plantations was  instantly  turned into sugar cane plantations and theHawaiian Coffee only island coffee farms that were left was a small section of land growing Kona coffee.  Kona as we all know is one of the most sought after coffees on the market today and the tradition of 5-15 acre family farms is still there today. Actually Since the 1980′s, the finest Hawaiian island coffee has been Kona Coffee.  Recognized as one of the finest gourmet coffees in the world. However, premium coffee is grown and roasted on six of the eight main Hawaiian Islands; Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, the Big Island and Oahu. In fact, even other areas on the Big Island are gaining recognition for outstanding coffee. The area of Ka’u, the southernmost district of the Big Island, has 50 coffee growers and has become very well known amongst serious coffee connoisseurs.

Coffees of Hawaii is a Unique Organization

Owned by Mike Atherton and Company.  Mike is the great-grandson, the Reverend Isaac Warren Atherton, who was a missionary in Hawaii-Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii back in the day. Mike says “We don't buy beans from brokers. We grow our own. We own the land, and we pay our 300 workers a good wage. We also provide a school, dormitories, a church, a soccer team. Next time you're in Nicaragua or Hawaii, you should stop by for a visit, we would love to have you." You will see that that they are 100% committed to making a difference, they have a coffee plantation in Nicaragua and own small plantations on the islands of Hawaii where they hand pick their select beans for original roasts and bring the product from Nicaragua to create their unique and wonderful blends.

Hawaiian Coffee

All the while supporting the families that work for him, taking care of the good earth that he has been blessed to work and giving to numerous causes and benefits to support those less fortunate. We here at Best Coffee Secrets, picked this coffee company for three reasons:

  1. We love the coffee, the 3 different, unique coffees grown on different islands: 100% Moloka‘i coffee, 100% Kona coffee and 100% Maui coffee.
  2. They are totally, 100% committed to supporting the revitalization of both culture and land in their home, the Hawaiian islands and Nicaragua. They donate 1% of all revenues to this cause.
  3. We also support the War on ALS (Lou Gerigs Disease).  Someone near and dear to us passed away from this terrible disease and if we can help find a cure to destroy this disease, we will do all we can do.

Check out their causes they support and their vision for the people that work with them and the land they are blessed to work.  Coffees of Hawaii is an impressive Coffee Company. Check out the many gourmet origin coffees (100% Moloka‘i coffee, 100% Kona coffee and 100% Maui coffee.) and exqusite blends of Hawaiian Coffee.   They have a huge selection of natural coffees as well as flavored coffee, espressos and gift baskets for friends and family Great Hawaiin coffee, great causes and supporting great people that live in a great nation… Buy American.

Hawaiian Coffee

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