Wallenford Blue, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee For You?

Owned and operated by the Minott family for over 68 years.  Wallenford Estate coffee, is the most famous name in Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.  Jamaica Standards product Company (JSPC) or the Minott family, buy their coffee from the small growers in the heart of the Blue Mountain of eastern Jamaica and package this particular product under the name of Wellenford Estate.

This is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Again this is buying the finest gourmet coffee in the world and you will pay for it.  But it is so, worth it. Or is it?  Some say that it is not as good as it was back in the 70s and 80s before the hurricanes.  I wasn't there and I didn't drink any of it then, so I can not  compare them between the two time periods.  I do drink it now and from what I have tasted and compared between the Blue Mountain roasters, this is our favorite at this point in time, hands down.

Look for and beware of the imposters; Jamaica High Mountain is not Jamaica Blue Mountain, and many jamaican Blue Mountain Coffeecoffees are actually made up of different blends that contain little true Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  Only coffee grown on certain estates may be called "Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee";  Wallenford Estate, Mavis Bank, Silver Hill, and Moy Hall.  These are the estates that are in a specific region of the Blue Mountain in Jamaica and this peak reaches 7,204 ft.  The blue mountains are between Kingston and Port Maria on the island of Jamaica. The Blue mountain coffee is grown between the elevations of 3,000-5,000 ft.  The other coffees harvested on Blue Mountain are:

  • Coffee harvested at 3000-5500 ft. would be certified as Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee.
  • Coffee harvested at 1500-3000 ft. would be certified as Jamaica High Mountain coffee.
  • Coffee harvested at 1500 ft. & under would be certified as Jamaica Supreme or Jamaica Low Mountain Coffee.

Wellenford Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, has long been known as one of the finest gourmet coffees and sought after by coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffeeconnoisseurs all over the world.  Beware of imposters; Jamaica High Mountain is not Jamaica Blue Mountain, and many coffees are actually blends that contain little Jamaican. It's fun to roast Blue Mountain and find out what this highly touted coffee is all about when it is fresh … and why it ranks among the better Mexican coffees in terms of cup quality.

True Blue Mountain is an unusual coffee; it has good body, and some very interesting mild nut flavors with spice notes that remind me sometimes of earl grey.  Nonetheless, it has the soft cup profile. But remember, this is an "island profile" coffee; smooth, mild, balanced.

Please only buy this from the above mentioned growers.  There is a black market for this just because of the price.  Because of the humid climate in Jamaica the beans have to move out of the country after they are harvested and stored in other areas so they do not spoil and then are packaged and sent out to the consumers.

Supposedly 90% of these beans are shipped to the Japanese market and what is passing for Jamaican Blue over here is actually 10% or less true Blue Mountain.  So Buy from the a respected and certified roasting company as mentioned before.  Better yet click here and get Wallenford Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


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