Our 5 favorite Coffee Companies

These are Our 5 favorite Coffee Companies That We Know You Will Love

It doesn’t work for that way for us here at Best Coffee Secrets.  We too love great coffee but Coffee Companieswe also like to look at the human aspect of where we are getting our favorite java brew from.  We don’t want to buy from the big conglomerate coffee companies that have no respect or concern for the farmers, pickers and roasters of their products and are only concerned with the all mighty dollar.

We like the little guy and they don’t have to be little bitty.  We like to fight along side the underdog and do our part in helping him get to the top or just be able to lead a good life and support his or her family.  Aren’t we all in the same boat?

We in America have been blessed from our maker to have a pretty decent life.  Excellent life when you really compare to the other countries where we get our coffee, chocolate, etc. from.  Did you know that 90% of the world doesn’t even have fresh water?  Bottom line, we look at who these coffee companies are and that does factor into our buying decision and also in our recommendations to you.

We do believe in buying American but we also support our brothers in other countries who toil and work very hard for their living and when you get down to the bare bones of it all.  We are all brothers and sister on this little journey we cal ‘Life’!

These are our Five top Coffee Companies and do recommend you give them a try along with your support.  Please let me and your fellow readers what your experience is and share in the comment box below.

Koa Plantation:  100% Genuine Kona coffee from the big island of Hawaii.  Grown a 1×30 mile strip called the Koa PlantationKona belt.  Family owned since 1997. They are situated in the quaint little town of Captain Cook and seated on the slopes of the Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa. 

Equal Exchange:  Worker Owned Co-operative in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Was founded in 1986 and Equal Exchangehas been a major factor in Fair trade movement.


Hunter Bay:  Another ‘Best Coffee Secrets’ favorites.  This little roasting company is in the Beautiful college Hunters Baydown of Missoula Montana just down the road from Glacier National park and the Mission Mountains!  With Great Roasts like; Trout Slayer, Smoke Jumper or Mouse Drool!

Wallenford Blue Estate:  Wallenford Blue is the most famous name in Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. And owned Wallenford Blueby the Minott family for over 68 years.  Some of the most expensive and best coffee on the planet!  You can buy it in the 4oz packages and give it a try, because of the price!


Coffees of Hawaii:  Owned by Mike Atherton and Company, Grandson of a Hawaiian missionary.  Mike Coffees Of hawaiisays, ‘We do not buy our coffee beans from other people we grow them ourselves.  We pay 300 people excellent wages, provide dormitories, schools and medical assistance, churches and a soccer team.  We also make great coffee!’

There you have it our five favorite coffee companies.  We hope you enjoy them and we really do look forward to hearing about your experiences with these great products and the companies that produce them for us.




Best Coffee Secrets and the Shaefer Family