Kona, The Best Coffee In The World

Kona Coffee; Is The Best Coffee In The World.

The world is full of different thoughts about what is the best coffee in the world and you know, you are all  (some) right.  There are a couple people I know,  that don't  have a clue to what makes up even a decent cup of coffee.  Not putting anyone down, but I have some friends that would actually mistake instant coffee for a good cup of coffee (as long as it had caffeine in it).

As you might know, I love America and I love to buy American, but I also love drinking the Best Coffee in the World.  The Good news today is, I can do both and feel really good about it! 

  Private Reserve Kona Coffee; Is our choice for, The Best Coffee In The World

KOA Coffee

Give this Extra Fancy Kona Coffee a try.  The highest grade of Kona coffee beans and the rarest type of Kona coffee available.  You will discover a full bodied, bursting with wonderful flavors, you’ve never tasted!

This is called the Private Reserve Kona, you can only get this from the Koa Plantation.  It is simple not available anywhere else on the planet.

100% Genuine Kona coffee, is prized throughout the world for its robust flavors, low acidity, and its exquisite aroma.  Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees ($30 per 14 ounces or about $31per pound, $27.90 per pound @ Coffee Club Price) and sought after coffees in the world, one of the rarest on the planet and considered by many, the premium coffee.

Pure Kona Coffee, comes from the Kona Coffee Belt.  A stretch of land about 1 mile wide, and 30 miles long. 

Kona Coffee

Located in the great state of Hawaii, on the big island of Hawaii and nestled on the cool slopes of the Hualalai and leeward side of the Mauna Loa Volcano.

This coffee is grown in the most ideal weather conditions anywhere.  The warm morning sunshine, the cool or rainy afternoons and the mild evenings with little wind, combined with the richly organic, volcanic soil make the ideal growing landscape.

Winner of the 2002 Gevalia Kona Cupping Award and 2004 PCCA Coffee of the year, this is the coffee that Forbes said is the "Best Coffee in America".  We Think it is the best coffee in the world.

Family owned since 1997. They are located in the small town of Captain Cook and situated on the slopes of the Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa.  They get their name for the plantations from their location on Koa Road.
The Koa Plantation’s vertically integrated farm allows them to control the quality of their Kona Coffee from the cherry hand picking to the milling.  There they have a state-of-the-art wet mill facility from Colombia, as well as a dry mill from Brazil and our entire parchment/green bean is temperature and humidity controlled.

This brew is wonderfully smooth and it's lack of a bitter aftertaste makes you think nothing of having that second cup… or third.  We bought some again for Christmas this year and as usual, loved it! 

On a little different note:  If you use a Keurig home brewing system, you can use your "My K Cup" (a reusable filter) and make individual cups of this brew.  If you do not have a Keurig Brewing System please visit my review at "Keurig Reviews" and brew the best coffee in the world one cup or mug at a time.

100% Kona Coffee, from the Koa Plantation. This one is grown right here in the Great U. S. A.

The Best Coffee In the World!

Koa Plantation

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