Gifts for Coffee Connoisseurs

Gifts For Coffee ConnoissuersEveryone knows someone who “has everything.” It’s almost impossible to shop for them; birthdays, Christmas and other holidays can really be stressful if you’ve got a handful of these folks on your gift list! Thankfully, choosing presents doesn’t have to be so stressful, especially if you think outside the box. Does your recipient love coffee? Then take advantage of that love with a unique coffee-related gift that they’ll actually use. Lots of online coupons are available to make giving that gift even easier! The key is to start planning now so you don’t have to rush. Interested? Read on to learn how to pick gifts for the intelligent coffee connoisseur.

What NOT To Do

Alright. First things first. You’ve got to eliminate coffee mugs, gift cards to doughnut shops and cheap bean assortments from your list of possible gifts. They’re tired, they’re overdone, everybody has them and nobody really gets excited about them, so don’t even bother. Let’s look beyond those things for more insightful gifts that show your recipient that you put careful thought into purchasing each present (and if you absolutely can’t pass up that silly coffee mug festooned with dancing pigs, throw it in as a bonus!)

French Presses

It’s safe to assume that the coffee lovers in your life already have some type of coffee machine. If it’s a basic, electric machine, consider giving them a French coffee press. French presses are simple, elegant manual devices typically made from glass and metal. Coarse-ground coffee beans are placed in the top of the press, then pressed down into hot water below. A mesh reservoir keeps the grounds separate from the beverage. Most French presses brew small amounts at a time – usually one or two cups. It’s the flavor that sets the press apart from a traditional electronic brewing machine; because the beans are immersed in the water, more essential oils are released, resulting in a richer, more complex taste.

Coffee On Demand

If your budget allows, consider a “coffee on demand” brewing machine. Many models brew up to twelve cups in a single brew, but dispense each portion individually into a waiting coffee mug placed under the spigot. These machines are great for a family with multiple coffee drinkers; some are highly programmable, so users can schedule their favorite brew up to 24 hours in advance.

Quality Coffee Beans

While the bags of the usual assorted beans are out, bags of quality beans are OK. A bag of Jamacian Blue Mountain Coffeegood Kona coffee, or a bag of Jamaica Blue Mountain No.1 will let them know that you put a little more thought into their gift. Be warned, both of these are higher priced than your run of the mill coffee beans. But for the coffee connoisseurs, they are worth every penny.

Ooh, Fancy: Espresso Machines

Does your coffee lover already have a French press or a fancy, digital coffee maker? Looks like it’s time to get somebody an espresso machine! A word to the wise, however: espresso machines are expensive, so they’re probably not the best choice for a casual gift. There are three basic types: semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic. All three make great espresso, but brew it differently. Semi-automatic espresso machines have an automatic tamping mechanism that squeezes rich flavor from the grounds. Because semi-automatic espresso machines require the most user involvement, they’re the least expensive variety. Fully automatic models are programmable and require only one or two button presses to begin brewing. The least expensive of these machines costs several hundred dollars; many sell for over a thousand. The proverbial “creme de la creme” is the super automatic espresso machine, which has an integrated bean grinder and either a milk foamer or steam wand (or both).

The most important factor in selecting a gift for a coffee connoisseur is time. Give yourself as much of it as possible, and don’t rush; this leads to expensive mistakes and little else. What gifts have you purchased for the coffee lover in your life? Join the conversation below.

BIO: Daria C. loves gadgets and cats. She lives with plenty of both in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

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