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Guest WriterHello,

We are looking for Guest Writers! Is it you?

How would you like to have a place to add your articles about positive fun stories as they relate to coffee, brands of coffee you love, Coffee roaster that are your favorite, Coffee/Espresso/Cappuccino equipment, Espresso brands, recipes, Coffee country travel tips, etc?

We are looking for Guest Writers to add content to or "Coffee Lovers Guide" website and we would love to have you do some guest writing for us.  If this is something you would be interested in then please see the guidelines below and email use you content for approval.


A few rules that need to be adhered to if you do want to post an article on

  1. Article has to be a minimum of 500-800 words or more with 1-2 external links.  Please do not put your link in the 1st paragraph, you can add it to the body or to your bio at the end of your piece. Links connected to any porn or any other offensive sites will not be allowed.  
  2. Grammar and sentence structure is essential.  If you do not have a grasp of the English language please have someone proof read for you.  We will go through and do minor corrections if needed (andGuest Blogging we reserve that right) without changing the structure of your content.
  3. Unique content only.  It will be checked before it is added to our website.  No spun content 100% your and only posted once. 
  4. After submission we are sole owner of the material but will not redirect or change you exterior links.  We know the how important these links are to you.
  5. We do reserve the right to accept or deny any material that is submitted to us without bias.
  6. We also reserve the right to add it to the category of our choice.  Putting it in the most appropriate category or we may even add a new category for your submission.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you.

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