Keurig Water Flow Quick Fix

Is your Keurig not giving you the full amount of your favorite beverage?

On this forum there have been readers commenting that, their Keurig home brewing system is not giving them the full amount of hot water when processing.  They seem to be having a water flow problem.

One of our readers had a very good conversation with one of the Keurig customer service representative from the corporate call center.  She got him to do a few simple steps on his Keurig coffee maker; walked him through step by step and stayed with him throughout the process.  I say all that because I usually get the rants and complaints on the site when things are not working right.  For some reason people do not take the time to get on and tell me when things are going well and they love their machines (what ever brand it is) .

Here Is What She Told him To Do:

There are four orifices in the K cup holder are of your Keurig.  One hole on the top and three holes on the bottom of the cup where the coffee comes out of the cup.  Take a small paper clip, unbend it and make it straight.  Then use it to clear the holes where the hot water goes in and the three holes where the coffee comes out.  This should be the quick fix you need to get your machine performing like it was new again.

Keurig Platinum B70 Owners Manual:  For other Models just Google and it will be easy to find.

I would also recommend some preventative measures after you have it cleared or preferably before you have to do any trouble shooting.  Using bottled or filtered water is best practice in your coffee maker.  It not only tastes better without the chlorine of city water or the high iron or sulfur from well water, it also filters out the minerals that can cause mineral deposits that will restrict and reduce the water flow in your Keurig brewing system.

I have two of these machines, the Keurig Elite (B40) at my office and the Keurig Platinum (B70) at home.  I have noticed a little variance in my water flow in the B40 but had not really done anything but run vinegar through it like I have for so many years in all of my drip coffee makers (which still works).  I went ahead and worked the paper clip trick and I am glad to say that it is running just like it did when it was new and making that wonderful coffee, that we all enjoy so much.

I hope this helps any of you that are having problems with any of your Keurig coffee makers and I also want to thank Tom, one of our fellow coffee lovers, that was kind enough to share this little tip with us.

I will go ahead and write a couple more articles on some of the other problems that have been reported with Keurig and we can make this a question and answer section for diagnosing and trouble shooting problems we are having with our Keurig machines.  Your participation will be much appreciated and will help everyone involved with all parties participating in the discussion.



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Keurig Water Flow Quick Fix — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this video.  I followed your instructions and now the water is flowing again in my Keurig.  Hooray!

  2. What "fixed" the unit was not the cleaning, but the fact that he turned it off and unplugged the unit.


    We have found that doing this (turning off and unplugging) – without any other actions or "fixes" – will cause our Keurig to brew a nearly full cup of coffee … but shortly after that it's back to dribbling out an inch or less on every cycle.


    It's a nice concept – but unfortunately poor execution from a technology standpoint.

  3. Thank you!!!!  I've had a two Keurig coffee makers since 2008 and I never knew there were three holes to clean. Even when I called Keurig several years ago, they only told me about using the paper clip on one hole.

  4. Thanks for sharing the paperclip tip. I work for a fussy woman who would have blamed me for breaking her keurig. I used the paperclip and the water flow is back up to max again.

    Your tip saved me from having to offer to buy a new keurig when it wasnt needed

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