Top 10 Apps for Coffee Lovers

If done incorrectly, a combination of coffee and your smartphone can have disastrous consequences. This is particularly true for your Coffee Appsphone, but a spilled cup of coffee isn’t great either. But there’s good news: Your smartphone can be as much of a coffee lover as you are with tons of great apps out there for the true coffee aficionado.

These apps cover where to find the nearest coffee to your current location, coffee shop management games, instructions for creating beautiful designs in the froth of a cappuccino and everything in between. Below is a collection of our top choices. There also plenty more out there that focus on specific cities. So don’t let your search end here!

1.    Barista– This app includes recipes, video tutorials and a glossary for making different types of coffee at home using a variety of methods.

2.    Coffee Order– This is for the person who is sent to pick up the coffee for a whole group of people. Provides a simple check list for each person’s order including size, flavors and tons of special options and requests.

3.    Starbucks– Not only will this locate the nearest Starbucks, but it allows you to carry a Starbucks Rewards card in your phone. Get Starbucks Appspecial deals (like free stuff on your birthday!) and pay for your coffee right from your phone via paypal or by pre-depositing money in a Starbucks account.

4.    Affogato– Similar to Barista, but half the price, this app is a great guide to coffee lingo, bean varieties, brewing methods and recipes.  It’s also easy to navigate and well designed.

5.    Intelligentsia– Although originally a brand of coffee, Intelligentsia now has an app that provides tons of information about the company, their coffee blends, and the best way to brew them. It also includes a brew timer and information about ordering wholesale from the company.

6.    Coffee Run -This is very similar to Coffee Order but there are a few key differences. Although not nearly as detailed as Coffee Order, Coffee Run includes the menus from some of the major coffee chains, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

7.    Splick it – Not exclusively for coffee, this app lets you order and pay ahead of time at local restaurants and coffee shops. That means you can skip waiting in line and have your morning coffee waiting for you.

8.    Coffee Art – This app offers detailed instructions on creating designs in the foam at the top of tons of different drinks including espresso, cappuccino, latte and even hot chocolate. Introduces you to a few different methods and then has detailed guides for specific designs.

9.    Coffee Cellar– If you’ve ever had a perfect cup, only to forget the next day exactly what the blend was called, then this is a perfect app. This app helps to keep track of the coffee you’ve drunk, what form it came in, where you got it, how it was brewed and a personal rating.

10.    eXpresso– With this app, you can pre-order from Starbucks  using icons for everything on the menu and every variation. You can use this app to save your favorite variations and combinations with names you recognize and then send in your order with one button.

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