Types Of Coffee: A Complete List

types of Coffee


These days, coffee is a staple in our routines more than ever. With busy, fast-paced lives our morning cup is an essential part of the day. Coffee has loads of proven health benefits, from protection from Parkinson’s to liver cancer. There’s a coffee shop on practically every corner, and hundreds of types of coffee on grocery store shelves. Why so many types? We’ve created a complete list of coffee types to educate even the most seasoned coffee drinkers. As a guide, the region is listed first with the variety in brackets and both Arabica and Robusta types are included. So grab a cup and enjoy.


Coffee Belt

Central America

Central American coffee is known for its light body, simplicity and sharp acidity. The flavour is clean and crisp, with bright flavour. Coffee Central America Coffee Regionvarieties from Mexico are fragrant, with a bold flavour to match their culture. Coffee from Central America is some of the most sought-after in the world. Each region has a unique flavour profile, from simple blends in Brazil to smooth and mild tastes from Panama.

Costa Rica (Villa Sarchi, Panama)
El Salvador (Pacas, Pacamera)
Guatemala (Pache Comum)
Mexico (Typica)
Panama (Panama)

The Caribbean


Just like the region, coffee from the Caribbean is sweet and mellow. Famous for the Blue Mountain variety, Caribbean coffee production has increased in recent years. The Blue Mountain variety is full-bodied and rich, but with only mild acidity, making it a very popular choice among coffee drinkers.Coffee Regions of The Caribbean

Cuba (Cubano)
Dominican Republic
Haiti (Haitian Bleu)
Jamaica (Blue Mountain)


South America

You can’t go wrong with South American coffee varieties. Brazil is currently the largest producer of coffee beans in the world, and for good Coffee Regions of South Americareason. Colombian coffee is smooth, rich and well-rounded. From smoky blends in the south to rich and spicy varieties from the north, you can always find a delicate flavour profile from South America.

Columbia (Colombian,
Bolivia (Calama Marka)
Brazil (Caturra, Catuai, Maragogype)
Peru (Chanchamayo)
Venezuela (Merida, Caracas)


Asia-Pacific U.S.

In general, coffees from Asia and the Pacific have a deep earthy taste and tantalizing aromas. If Coffee regions of Asia - Pacific U.S.you’ve ever experienced Kopi Luwak, you’ll know why so many people flock to the cafes in Southeast Asia. Varieties from this region are slightly sweet with a delicate acidity.

Hawaii (Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona)
Indonesia (Bergandal, Sidikalang, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kopi Luwak)
India (S795, Sarchimor)
Papua New Guinea (Arusha, Blue Mountain)
Vietnam (Kopi Luwak)



African coffees are known for their full, robust flavours with hints of spice and berry. Typically dark roasts, African varieties are a favourite of serious coffee drinkers.

Ethiopia (Ethiopian Harar, Ethiopian Sidamo, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe)
Kenya (Blue Mountain, K7)
Rwanda (Bourbon)
Tanzania (Arusha)
Yemen (Mocha)

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of green coffee beans, followed by Vietnam and Indonesia. No surprise there, considering they are the most popular regions seen on grocery store shelves and at the local cafe. Beans from different regions can usually be distinguished by shape, size, aroma, body and acidity. No two coffee beans are alike, so make sure to  test out these varieties from around the world.

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