Where Do You, Buy K Cups Cheap?

K Cups Cheap…That’s What We Want

As you already know Keurig is one of the best, top of the line, one cup coffee brewing systems on the market today.  They use a prepackaged coffee cup, called a K Cup, with a variety of flavors and made by a variety of companies.  In the last two years coffee companies have come out of the wood work to get on the k cup band wagon. But where can you get K Cups cheap?

I am probing into the question.  Where can you buy the best and cheapest K cups for your Keurig brewing system?  Everyone has their favorites spots to purchase these. They could be at the store or one of the many online outlets.  Lets look at the online outlets today because I can tell right off, almost all of them, with exception for a few are cheaper then buying at your local grocery store.

Let’s take a look at where to get k Cups Cheap and find The Best Variety! 

And while we are doing it let’s compare apples to apples and for this research project let’s pick some favorites blends and some favorite outlets and check prices, as well as shipping while we are there and find the best value k cups:

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1.  Green Mountain, Breakfast Blend- 24 Count

  • Amazon.com    ($31.60 pack of 2), or $.66 each
  • GreenMountain.com $16.49 or $.69 each
  • Keurig.com    $16.49 or $.69 each

2.  Green Mountain French Vanilla- 24 count

  • Amazon.com    $15.66, or $.65 each
  • GreenMountain.com $16.49 or $.69 each
  • Keurig.com    $16.49 or $.69 each

3.    Green Mountain, Pumpkin Spice- 24 countK Cups Cheap

  • Amazon.com    $18.00, or $.75 each
  • GreenMountain.com $16.49 or $.69 each
  • Keurig.com    $16.49 or $.69 each

4.    Green Mountain, Dark Magic- 24 count

  • Amazon.com    $15.69, or $.65 each
  • GreenMountain.com $16.49 or $.69 each
  • Keurig.com    $16.49 or $.69 each

Truth be told, these three are obviously the three main K cup outlets and you can get your K Cups cheap, for obvious reasons.

1.  Keurig, is one of the main, top of the line brewing systems.  keurig-platinum-b70
2.  Green Mountain, is the main coffee roaster and distributor
3.  Amazon, is the largest retail outlet on the web today and the best place to find K Cups Cheap.

They all are very close to each other in price and one may be higher or lower depending on what brand or variety you buy and what day of the week it is, as well as what inventory they are trying to deplete.

It all comes down to who you like doing business with.  I personally love doing business with Amazon they usually have free shipping when you purchase a certain amount.  They never have a problem refunding if I ever have a problem with anything and The main reason is, I trust them and the goods they offer.

My piece of mind is worth more to me then pinching pennies.  But over all I do save more money with Amazon, then not and I get my K Cups Cheap!

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