K Cup Carousel Tower Looks Great

K Cup Carousel Tower Makes a Great Conversation Piece.

The K Cup Carousel Tower is the perfect way to store and organize your K-cups and have them ready whenever you’re ready for a delicious, hot beverage. The Carousel Tower, counter piece features a lazy-susan base for simple rotation and the black and grey design suits most kitchen styles and decor. The Keurig 5071 K Cup Carousel Tower is a perfect accessory for owners of Keurig K-Cup coffee machines. Coffee K-Cups are of course  not included in the tower.

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K Cup Carousel Tower Looks Awesome

If you are doing your research on which is the best K-cup holder, stop now and buy the Carousel Tower! K Cup CarouselIt is very sturdy and compact! It spins perfectly and looks really nice sitting right next to your Keurig home brewing system in the home or at the office. I even move (nothing falling out as I am walking with it) this over to the table at dessert time and present it to my guests. You should see the smile on their face with they spin it around and see the different selections they can choose from. It fits 30 k-cups, which allows me to have a nice selection of coffee, tea and hot chocolate at my finger tips.

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 out of 5 stars If you own a Keurig..you need this K Cup Carousel Tower!, September 21, 2012. BySasa (Carson City, NV)
  • This is not a circus carousel, but…..K Cup Carousel Tower is better as I don’t get dizzy on it. Now that I am older, I prefer this for keeping things organized in the kitchen.  Works well, and holds a good variety of coffee or tea, or cocoa picks.  So, you can have organization and be healthy at the same time by also buying the Keurig coffee maker.  Need I say more? Check them out – you won’t be sorry. I know I am not.  Robertatheshopper
Final Word
Bottom line it is just so convenient to have all of your K Cups or V Cups (New Keurig Vue) in one location where you can see them displayed and make it easy to choose the flavor you are looking for instantly.  Having a drawer dedicated to k cups sprawled all over the place is not convenient and to be honest would drive me totally nuts ( I dislike ciaos and disorganization).  it just makes it hard to shuffle though and find the coffee, tea, cocoa or cappuccino brand you are in the mood for at that moment.
There are a coupe of different styles of the carousel tower available.  The one shown above is the molded plastic model that is sheik and very fashionable.  Some of you like that sort of thing and it would fit the decor of your kitchen, boardroom, or vacation home better. There is also a simpler version of the carousel and it is a simple, small wrought iron type of design.  it is also very sleek and fashionable, it just depends on you personal preference of what you like.
If you have a Keurig Home Brewing System then you need to have a place to store you k Cups or V Cups and the best place to do that is in your K Cup Carousel Tower.  Get Your Today!