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My Keurig Reviews: All the information you will need to make an intelligent buying decision.

Welcome to my Keurig Reviews page.  Prior to purchasing one of Keurig’s great products, it’s probably best for you to read some honest and comprehensive research and information on the products and company. You are about to find out why Keurig is probably the best coffee maker in the industry and the one you are going to want to have in your home but let's take a look at theses machines one by one and find out what is positive and negative about them! I’ve tried to make this review as comprehensive as possible, so if you’re considering getting a Keurig coffee maker, definitely read through these reviews individually.  Please click each product or accessory you would like to review:

Keurig Coffee Makers For Home Use

Keurig ReviewsKeurig's creative single cup brewing systems allow you to brew that perfect cup of gourmet coffee, tea or cocoa in under a minute. You do not need to grind your own beans, portion out the coffee, handle those stuck together filters or even have to clean up. It is simple and easy and at the touch of a finger . I believe this is ideal for both everyday use and for entertaining with your friends.  Just the K-Cup Carousel alone, loaded with all the many brands and flavors, makes for great conversation with your friends and family.  This sleek, counter top appliance brews one fresh cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or hot cocoa at a time. Not only does the single-cup home-brewing system ensure the freshest results (no more bitter coffee sitting in a carafe, going more bitter and stale with each minute), but it also makes it possible to customize drinks, since one guest might prefer regular while another decaf or hot tea after dinner. The unit uses patented K-Cups, which offer over 200 varieties of pre-measured gourmet coffee, tea, and cocoa from a wide range of premium brands. It can also produce hot water for making hot cocoa from a packet or for use in cooking. When ready to brew, simply open the lid, insert a K-Cup, close the lid, and select a cup size from its one-touch control panel, Here are a few GOOD characteristics I would like to point out.

  • Tons of variety in K-cups or Vue Cups (V-Cups) (which actually can be difficult, when you don't know where to start or what to try!)
  • Simple to use
  • Beautiful, functional designs
  • Multiple cup/mug sizes, depending on the model
  • Keeps water hot for the next cup instead of waiting until you fiddle with the machine
  • Can be used with a custom filter My-K-Cup so you can brew any coffee you like (I'm looking forward to using this with tea too!)
  • Much quieter than some machines I've used

What are the BAD things about the Keurig Keurig ReviewsWith all the good things I can say about Keurig Home Brewing Systems, there is usually some bad and here it is.  One thing – you can't make a pot of coffee – but this machine is ready for the next cup in 30 seconds (fast) and my guest love choosing their favorite flavor, (there are so many to choose from) so I haven't missed the pot at all. I still have my automatic drip under the counter when I need it for bigger parties or events and it still makes great coffee. In Conclusion: Overall, I think it is an awesome machine and I  recommend  Keurig Gourmet Home Brewing Systems to anyone who cares about their coffee. I could only think of one negative aspect overall with these machines while writing these Keurig Reviews, and it really was not a real negative or a deal breaker by any means. This is one of the best coffee makers on the market today.  Go through all of the machines to choose the right on for you.  Get two, one for the office or camp and one for home.  


Keurig Reviews – Make an inteligent Decision — 15 Comments

  1. I had a B70 coffee maker for 14 months, very low use (only brewed a cup a day). The heating element went out and Keurig told me that the warranty was only 12 months and they would not repair or replace the unit but they would give me a discount if I bought a new one. I am VERY ANGRY with Keruig. I had a MrCoffee maker that lasted for 4 years, I only spent $25 on. I spent over $150 on the Keurig and it only lasted 14 months. I asked the guy why I would want to spend another $120 on a coffee maker that would only last a year. DONT BUY A KEURIG!! Waste of money and lousy customer service!!

    • Hello KBecky,

      That is to bad you had a bad experience. We all have a story were we feel we were not treated properly or did not get a good deal by some company or organization that we have had some affiliation with.

      For one story like yours though there a hundred more that think differently and haven’t had a problem and are still loving their Keurig.

      I do hope you find a coffee maker and if you are happy with your Mr. Coffee and that worked for you, think about getting another. I personally have never had an drip coffee maker last four years but we made 2 pots a day everyday, out of ours. LOL

      The longest coffee pot I have owned and still do is my old, blue, camp percolator and it has been around a long time! Anyway thank you for your comment and sorry for your loss.


  2. Hey,
    I have owned 2 of the Keurigs.  I have the B40 at my office and the Keurig B70 at my home and we have never had a problem with either one of them.   We use it everyday , several times a day  and have been for almost two years.
    I have been seriously thinking of taking, the B70 to the office.  donating the 40 to the son that moved out and getting the new Keurig Vue V700.
    We love our coffee and our Keurig a lot!

  3. Follow up report

    My B70 was slowly not functioning (shorter and shorter brews). I tried the vinegar and no joy. I posted a grumpy review here, and was getting ready to get my french press out….

    I have now had a very good experience with a live Keurig customer service person.

    She walked me through a series of 4 procedures with a straightened paperclip that have cleared up the water flow problems – 9.25 ounces is again 9.25 ounces. It took about 15 minutes, but she was very good and knew the machine.

    Sooooo, I am again a Happy Keurig user.,,,,,Good Job Keurig!

    The 4 sites are (1) the cup holder small pin, you may have to disassemble the cup holder (2-4) the 3 flow openings around the top-of-the-cup puncture pin.

    • Hello Tom,

      I am so glad that you have your machine working again the way it was designed. it is funny that people will write 3 or 4 paragraphs when they are upset, but not as many people will spend the time to give a good review when things are going good. It is just human nature and I don’t mind some venting sometimes, just more people would write when they were happy.

      Tom have a great day and I am glad your Keurig is working for you and thank you for sharing some of those helpful hints for those who might have the same problem.


    • Thanks for this advice. Had a problem with water flow on mine, descaled it three times and still nothing. So I was ready to toss it out, but read your posting, tried it and it worked.

  4. I bought a $149.00 keurig last year,and absolutely loved it….then it went ca-put.It wouldn’t turn on.Called Keurig on a tuesday,talked to a lovely young lady,and by friday my new(free)keurig arrived.I was so pleased with their customer service,because not only had I purchased one for me,I gave 3 as gifts,and because of me at least 7 people bought one,some bought two.It’s nice to know that they back their product.Good job Keurig:)

    • Hello Kate,

      Thank you for the great review!

      To many times people will only take the time to slow down and write a comment is when things have not gone their way and they are a little frustrated and need to blow off some steam. It is always nice when we get good comments about products.

      Keurig like all companies out there cannot please all the people out there, all the time but I think they do a pretty god job of customer service.

      Thank you again for posting.


  5. Hmmm- wonder why my posts aren’t getting a reply?!! Oh how my attitude would change if I were offered a free replacement Keurig- so much for making the customer happy.

    • Hello Meredith,

      I am sorry you have not had a good experience with your Keurig machine or with customer service. you are in the minority and the majority love the Keurigs and their experience with customer service.

      That being said, getting on an independents website and venting your frustrations may make you feel better, but it is a waste of time for you and our site. Please take you personal vendetta to a more proper forum or start your own website.

      I am sorry you have had a bad experience and I wish you the best of luck in your future coffee endeavors.


  6. Hello MaryLyn,

    First I am glad to hear that your Keurig Brewing system is still working good for you after 3 years!

    I am sorry to hear about your leaking problem. That is terrible. You didn’t mention where you had ordered the Timothy’s coffee but I hope you can return them and get new ones.

    Thank you for writing and sharing you story.

    Have a great day,


  7. worst customer service ever! My Kuerig wouldnt brew, sent it in and im still waiting to be reinbursed 3 months later. I truely dont think it will be worth buying another one.

  8. My Keurig was given to me as a gift and I used it for a short time and since I hadn't used it for a couple months, I decided to get it off the counter and store it away. Although the reservour was empty, I could still hear water in the base that cannot be emptied and I'm afraid it will become stagnet and moldy in storage, which I'm sure is a definite health hazzard.  This is a machine that cannot be stored and used periodically, so I don't recommend getting one unless you plan to use it every day. Even then, I don't see how it can be healthy to use something that never has a chancee to dry out between uses. Have you ever noticed how quickly a damp shower curtain can get moldy and it's exposed to fresh air.  Looks like I will have to throw it away because I can't give it away or sell it at a garage sale knowing it has nasty old water  inside the machine. 

  9. I recently purchased a new K2.0 Brewer. I had a problem with the brewer after 1.5 years of excellent service. I reviewed the problem and tried some repairs while on the phone with the service representitive. Unfortunately, she could not resolve the problem and said the brewer would be replaced free of charge even though the warranty had lapsed. I was totally shocked with amazement to see the new brewer delivered to my home the very next day. I really appreciate your excellent courtesy and customer service. Keurig, you have gone above and beyond anything I ever expected.

    Thank You

    John Manolakis

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