3 Great Recipes That Involve Coffee

The nation loves coffee- a perfect pick me up at the end of a hard day, or at the start! Coffee lovers of the world unite as coffee seeps into more and more innovative recipes to serve your daily fix of caffeine. Here we’ve put together 3 of our favorite coffee recipes – so keep reading and let your imagination run wild! We always love hearing from you too – so if you’re a big fan of another coffee recipe, let us know! We always love hearing about new exciting recipes that our readers have invented or stumbled across!

Pumpkin Spiced Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Yes it’s a mouthful, however you’re guaranteed to LOVE this simple but revolutionaryPumpkin Spiced Vietnamese Coffee recipe. Fill a tall glass with ice, and then pour in to mix the chilled coffee, pumpkin spice syrup, half & half and sweetened condensed milk into the glass. Not a drink for the everyday as it uses sweetened condense milk- but it’s definitely a drink to indulge in once and a while


Coffee Jelly

Not the most conventional, but it’s incredibly popular in Japan and is slowly Coffee Jellycatching on in the rest of the world, and once you’ve read on you’ll start to understand why. It can be served with cream and decorated with sprinkles to make the perfect desert – a bit like tiramisu, but for the more adventurous at heart. It’s also easy to make, a definite bonus. Pour a cup of cold water into a large bowl whilst adding a packet of gelatine, stir before letting it sit for a few minutes. Heat a pot of coffee, roughly about two and a half cups, to then stir the mixture for a couple of minutes until it dissolves completely. Choose a serving container and pour the mixture in, ready to set for three hours. Once finished, decorate the jelly with cream or sprinkles and voila- there you have it.


Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake 

A delicious concoction of flavors that work surprisingly well together. Mix flour, butter, andRaspberry Cream Coffee Cake sugar in a food processor if you have one, if not it’s advisable to use a pastry cutter until you produce a crumbly mixture. Take one cup of the crumbs and put aside for the topping, with the remaining crumbs add baking powder, salt, sour cream and baking soda with 1 egg. The mixture should be mixed until smooth. Once smoothed, spread evenly over a baking pan, which has been lightly greased to ensure no sticking. It’s a sure fire way to get people asking for seconds!

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