How to make an espresso Spent too much money at the local coffee bar lately? Learn how to make espresso at home. You can enjoy the smell of a freshly pulled shot, and save your wallet in the long run. Espresso aficionados don’t stop at enjoying the occasional shot at Starbucks. True espresso lovers try to duplicate, if not perfect, making espresso at home. You too can learn how to pull your own perfect shot of espresso. Enjoy a cafe atmosphere in the comfort of your own home; master the art of grinding your own beans, loading up your machine, and pulling a dark shot of aromatic espresso with a beautiful crema (espresso foam) on top. Check out these related Mahalo pages: How to Make a Frappuccino: ‪ How to Make an Espresso: ‪ How to Make a Cafe Latte: ‪ How to Make a Chai Latte: ‪ How to Make a Cafe Americano: ‪ How to Make a Cafe Macchiato: ‪ How to Make a Caramel Macchiato: ‪ How to Make a Mocha: ‪ How to Make a Breve Latte: ‪ How to Make a Cafe Au Lait: ‪ How to Make An Espresso Con Panna: ‪ How to Make Good Coffee: ‪ Check out these Mahalo How-To Playlists: How To Speak Japanese: ‪ How To Use iPhone 4: ‪ How To Make Drinks: ‪ How To Play Guitar Songs: ‪ How To Play Piano Songs: ‪ How To Play Bass Guitar: ‪ How To Get A Job

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