9 Benefits of Dark Roast Coffee

Coffee is a staple beverage in daily American meals. In 2019, studies found that over half of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Every year, Americans can consume over 146 billion cups of coffee.

Coffee beverages are an acquired taste, ranging in a wide variety of brews and roasts. Many coffee consumers drink to get an energy boost to jump-start the day. But coffee can also provide many other benefits.

In this article, we show you some benefits of drinking dark roast coffees. 

Different coffee roasts can offer various health benefits. Read on to discover why you should be drinking dark roast coffee caffeine.


1. Replenish Vitamin E and Glutathione

The ability to restore vitamin E is one of the advantages of dark roast coffee from light roast coffee. The presence of vitamin E in your blood can help protect your body from cell damage. It helps in strengthening your body’s immune system.

Dark roast coffees can also produce more glutathione. This can help reduce inflammation and aging. It also prevents the risk of some mental health conditions.

2. Healthier For the Brain

Studies show that dark roast coffee consumption can help promote brain health. Compounds produced in the roasting process are critical factors in promoting brain health. It prevents protein fragments common in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases from combining.

This compound is otherwise known as phenylindanes. Dark roast coffee is an excellent source of this chemical compound. You can find more of this compound in dark roast coffee rather than in light roast coffee.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

Studies show that drinking dark roast coffee is more effective for weight loss. In 2011, 300 participants received dark roast coffee and light roast coffee. They consumed 500 ml of coffee every day for four weeks.

Researchers gather blood and urine samples from the respondents to analyze the effects. Participants who drank dark roast coffee showed significant weight loss.

During the roasting process, dark roast beans produce an ion called N-methyl pyridinium.

The ions in dark roast coffee are responsible for promoting weight loss. If you’re looking to lose weight, try drinking dark roast coffee.


4. Live Longer

Drinking dark roast coffee can reduce the risks of premature death. People who drink dark roast coffee show a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. They also offered a reduced risk of cancer and other digestive orders.

Coffee also helps in maintaining the integrity of DNA strands. These strands are also known as telomeres. Broken telomeres can lead to damaged skin and cancer.

5. Easier On the Stomach

Drinking a cup of dark roast coffee a day can reduce the risks of obesity. Roasting dark roast beans will not only produce a rich aroma and flavour. It can also create a compound that lessens the production of stomach acid.

Many coffee drinkers complain about having an irritated stomach after drinking coffee. But dark roast coffee can lead to less gastric acid secretion, making it a stomach-friendly beverage. If you often feel pain from drinking light roasts, opt to switch for darker roasts.

6. Lower Acidity

If you have a sensitive stomach, drinking coffee can be the bane of your diet. Coffee drinks often have a high acidity level, even when you consider drinks mixed with milk. These can include cappuccinos and lattes.

However, dark roast coffee is a decent workaround for this concern.

Coffee drinkers measure acidity in coffee by using a pH scale. Using the pH scale, you can measure acidity from 0 to 14. 14 is basic, while 0 pertains to the most acidity.

The subjects become more acidic as the scale goes down by one. An experiment done with an Ethiopian blend showed that light roast coffee had a 4.98 pH level. The dark roast blend showed a 5.96 pH level.

Altogether, this means you can enjoy a cup of dark roast coffee without worrying about hyperacidity and sharp stomach pangs.

7. Lowers Chances For Disease

Coffee is an excellent source of essential antioxidants. Because coffee is a standard beverage in our daily routines, experts suspect that coffee is the primary source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are crucial to protecting your body from disease.

Drinking coffee every day can benefit you with long term health effects. It can prevent other chronic diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. People who drink two to six cups of coffee a day have lower chances of suffering from a stroke.

8. Less Chemical Compounds

The slow roasting process of dark roast coffee prevents the creation of dangerous chemical compounds. It’s crucial to avoid creating acrylamide and PAHs. PAH stands for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Experts link high concentrations of acrylamide with cancer. Processes like the Maillard browning reaction can produce acrylamide. Darker coffee roasts contain fewer amounts of acrylamide.

When roasted at high temperatures, dark roast beans can produce a compound called PAH. To avoid this compound’s formation, roasting temperatures lower than 240 degrees celsius must finish in 15 minutes.

9. Improves Heart Health

Do you struggle with high blood pressure or other heart issues? You might need to drink more dark roast coffee.

Regular coffee drinking can reduce the chances of getting hospitalized from heart rhythm issues. A study in Japan shows that coffee can increase blood flow in your small blood vessels by 30%. The effect may last for almost 75 minutes and can take off some strain on your heart.

Researchers found that drinking at least two 8 oz servings a day can protect you from heart failure. For women, drinking one to four cups a day can lower the risks of coronary heart disease.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dark Roast Coffee!

Now you know some of the great benefits of dark roast coffee consumption. Drinking coffee is not only a daily ritual to help us get the day started. It can also provide us with valuable long-term health benefits.

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