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Kona CoffeeThis site was made for the normal, everyday coffee drinkers looking for tips and techniques of brewing a bettter cup of coffee, or maybe trying to find a some answer to some age-old questions of the best coffee beans that are on the market today. 

Maybe you are looking for some new brewing equipment and need a hand making up your mind what to buy.  Well we probably are the place to help you find those answers.

We have categories broke down on our coffee site that talk about things like:

When you click on the categories (on your right), The page will give you a little snippet of what all the articles are about before you choose which one it is that you really would like to read first. Take a look around I know you will find some new and useful information you did not know before and will be happy you did.  We made this site with you, The Coffee Lover" in mind.

What secrets about coffee do you have? 

Please, share and interact.  We love to hear what is on your mind. 

  • What your favorite coffee beans are. 
  • Why you don't like a particular brand of coffee equipment. 
  • We want to know about the good and bad things going on in the coffee industry. 
  • You know they are there. 
  • What about Health? 
  • Share your favorite coffee recipes with your fellow readers…
  • Let us all know what is on your mind!

Here are some things I know about coffee:

  • They grow on trees.
  • They are the seeds inside the coffee berries.
  • They have beautiful white blossoms.
  • Grow best above 4, 000 feet.
  • Coffee bean roasts give it the mild-full flavors.
  • Roasting coffee is an art and a science.
  • Hawaii is the only place in the USA that grows good coffee.
  • Kona coffee, grown in the Konas Belt on the big island of Hawaii is my favorite.  It is made in the USA and it tastes awesome!
  • There are some really expensive coffees out there and one of the most expensive ones is pooped out by a cat ( Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)).
  • Coffee is good for your health, yea!
  • Free Trade is great for the small farmers and the growers.  I like Free Trade Coffees!
  • The water you brew is the most important part of a great cup of coffee.

Ok there are just a few of my coffee secrets.  Tell me what yours are and while you are.  Please take a look around and feel free to comment or ask questions.  We would love to hear from our fellow coffee lovers.

God Bless, enjoy that mug and look forward to hearing from you,


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