Coffee Tastes Great… Since I quit Drinking Booze

My Best Coffee Secrets…#1. Dont Add Alcohol!  More secrets to follow.

Kona CoffeeHi, you a drunk like me and trying to keep your life together?   Lets talk about it.  Come say hello and get in on the conversation. It's good for your soul.

Welcome!  Glad you are here.  I made this site a few years ago in an attempt to make some sales on Amazon, Google Adwords and selling some great coffees that I could buy wholesale.  It has not done as well as I would have hoped but that is ok, made a few bucks and meet some nice people.  I believe that nothing happens in Gods' or my world by mistake and everything happens the way it is supposed to. So…

I am going to changhe this website starting today.

You see I am a Christian and a recovering alcoholic and I have had an interesting journey as any of you out there, that like to indulge, can probably attest too.  So I am going to turn this site into what ever it decides to evolve into.  On this site I would like to

  • Be honest in my thougths and write down what is on my mind on that day.
  • This is not my first time being sober so, I have to be honest with myself if I want to continue to stay sober.
  • Open it up to all of you out there who want to comment and please do comment.  let me know what your thoughts are.
  • Make this site an open discussion of your alcohol problems and what is going on in your life.
  • Anyone wanting to offer their story or a story is welcome to send it in to me here: Email Chris.  I do reserve the right to do some editing.  This is a PG site so keep the swear words down to a dull roar.
  • I am a member of AA (Alcohlics Anonymous) and I believe in the solution not the problem.  That being said.  Keep the war stories down to a minimum and lets try and live in the solution when writing.
  • Leave it to God or what ever your Higher Power may be to mold this site into something that will help others like us.
  • I am a Christian and Jesus Christ is my Higher Power!  I want everyone to be comfortable with their own Higher Power so, let's be respectful.

Ok, with that being said I should probably let you know why I am qualified to talk to you about alcoholim. 

First.  I Just Got out of New York State Prison, Where I served one year of a One-Three year sentence of drunk driving.  but it didn't start there here is my story and my qualifications to start this web site.

Chris' Story

Again if this web site, or the good Lord, inspires you and you would like to contribute please comment in the comment sections, or sent an email with your story to me here Email Chris and I well see what we can do about getting you online!

PS Today's date is 4/16/14 (my daughters 12th birthday, just saying!) there are a lot of changes that need to go into this website, such as: move categories, posts, just a whole lot of house keeping things that have to be done.  I just started today and other things on my plate, like living and supporting my family..  Please be patient and give me some pointers of how to make it better for us and contribute yourselves!

God bless and have a Great day,



Best Coffee from Koa Plantation

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